Spain demands ‘complete end’ to Gaza siege

MADRID, (PIC)– Spain is demanding Israel puts a complete and not partial stop to the five-year blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told the press Saturday: “When Spain chaired the European Union it took binding stances condemning Israel’s use of excessive force against the Strip’s inhabitants.”

On another note, the Spanish minister said that Turkey “is a great country, and plays a constructive role in the various conflicts and crises in the region.”

In related developments, the Canada Post Corporation announced that it has stopped accepting mail sent to the besieged Gaza Strip because of Israeli postal interference.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation quoted the post firm as saying that it no longer accepts mail sent to the Gaza Strip, as it is no longer certain that mail sent from Canada makes it to Gaza.

According to the postal service, Israeli authorities informed them that “tensions in the area have pushed the Israeli postal service to cancel its service to the Strip.”

The Canada postal service aims to find new ways to deliver mail from Canada to the Gaza Strip.

Israel has placed Gaza under siege for five years straight. 1,700,000 Palestinians are deprived basic requirements as a result. The Israeli government has particularly banned the entry of building materials used to restore the damage of the last Israeli war on Gaza nineteen months ago, which  left 1,400 Palestinian casualties, 25,000 homes destroyed, and complete devastation to Gaza’s infrastructure.

Guarded Israeli settlers seize new house in Jerusalem neighborhood

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian sources said that Israeli settlers escorted by policemen took over a two-story house at an early hour Thursday in Sa’diya neighborhood in the old city of occupied Jerusalem.

The sources added that the house is owned by a Palestinian citizen called Suleiman Handal and is inhabited by the family of Kamal Qirsh.

One of the neighbors reported that the residents of the neighborhood rushed to confront the Israeli assailants when women inside the house screamed for help, but the policemen encircled the house to prevent them from approaching.

Fatah revolutionary council member Dmitry Dliani said the policemen tried to expel the women from the house, but the women locked themselves inside three rooms of 11 and refused to leave the house, while the settlers seized the other rooms.

Dliani expressed fears that the settlers would turn the house into a religious school because of its large area and its sensitive location near the Aqsa Mosque.

With this new takeover raid on the house, the number of buildings seized by Israeli settlers in this neighborhood rose to five.

Print Email IOA banished 420 Palestinians since start of 2010

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian society for human rights „Rased“ said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) had deported 420 Palestinians this year from the West Bank even before the implementation of the racist military order 1650 that entails the banishment of thousands of Palestinians.

It said in a statement on Sunday that the IOA is planning the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians to other areas within occupied Palestine or outside it.

Rased charged that the world community’s slackness in dealing with the Israeli racist decision would open the door wide open before the IOA to empty vast Palestinian areas of its indigenous inhabitants especially in occupied Jerusalem and in areas near to the racist, separation wall.

The society affirmed that the Israeli occupation of Palestine would remain „illegitimate and illegal“ even if the Arab and foreign countries recognized the so-called „state of Israel“.

Prisoner Abu Jalala from Jabalia Camp Gaza & Wasfi Qabaha, former minister of prisoners

GAZA, (PIC)– The prisoners‘ center for studies has appealed to human rights groups and institutions concerned with prisoners‘ affairs to accord more attention to the issue of Mohammed Abu Jalala, who is suffering waning health conditions in Israeli captivity.

Ra’fat Hamdona, the center’s director, said in a statement on Saturday that Abu Jalala was serving four life sentences and was suffering form anemia.

He noted that Abu Jalala had written a book and many poems while in detention, recalling that he was detained in 1983 while studying in the university for inciting against occupation in Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza Strip and was subjected to cruel torture.

Abu Jalala was captured again in 1991 after attacking an Israeli target and his home was razed to the ground soon after his arrest.

Hamdona noted that Abu Jalala underwent several surgeries while in detention and spent a long time in Ramle prison hospital and many years in solitary confinement.

Meanwhile, Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, the spokesman of Hamas’s parliamentary bloc, denounced the Israeli occupation authority for its continued detention of former minister of prisoners Wasfi Qabaha despite his bad health condition.

He said that the detention of Qabaha, who was carried to hospital on Thursday, constituted a violation of international norms and rules and his continued detention posed as an insult to all contemporary democracies.


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