Ahrar: Israel blocking prisoner from seeing his little daughter


The Israeli judiciary turned down an appeal by Palestinian prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouthi to let him see his little daughter, the Ahrar center for prisoners‘ studies and human rights said.

The center’s director, Fuad Al-Khafsh, said in a statement on Saturday that Barghouthi has been deprived of seeing his relatives including wife and offspring since his detention on 5/3/2003. He recalled that his youngest daughter was only 35 days old on the date of his arrest.

The Israeli intelligence refused to allow any visits for his relatives even a „silent visit“ meaning that they would meet without speaking to each other, Khafsh said, noting that Barghouthi was held in isolation ever since the end of interrogation with him.

The director slammed the Israeli pretexts for the visitation ban as „trivial“ and „worthless“, opining that Israel was pressuring Barghouthi for receiving the longest prison term in the history of the Palestinian struggle. Barghouthi is serving 66 life sentences.

Khafsh noted that the Palestinian prisoners have started protests against the policy of solitary confinement in the hope of cancelling it.

He urged human rights groups and international organizations to support the prisoners‘ strikes and demands against the Israeli prison service.



French NGOs call for financing an aid ship to Gaza


PARIS, (PIC)– A number of non-government organizations in France called on Sunday for donations to finance a shipload of aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

The group said in a statement on Sunday that the Gaza inhabitants were living in miserable and unacceptable conditions after four years of siege.

It said that national groups and organizations would participate in the second Freedom Flotilla that would sail to Gaza in the spring of 2011 and would charter a vessel for this purpose.

The world community should order an immediate end to the siege on Gaza, the group said, adding that it would join the initiative of a „French ship for Gaza“ in a bid to break the unjust siege in the name of law and justice.

The statement asked the French government to strongly support the ship and intervene to allow it to anchor in Gaza.


Jewish settlers seize Palestinian home by force

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers seized the house of Palestinian citizen Fayez Al-Salayme in the Baqa’a village, east of Al-Khalil, by force and expelled him and his family out of it.

Local sources on Saturday said that the settlers beat up Salayme, who is carried to hospital for treatment.

The Israeli occupation forces, meanwhile, stormed three villages in Al-Khalil district and a refugee camp in the city.
Meanwhile, Jewish settlers in Salfit robbed shops owned by a Palestinian in Hares village, west of Salfit, local sources reported.
They said that the settlers broke the locks and robbed the shops on the main road of the village near the settlement of Ar’il.
Citizens appealed to human rights groups to pressure the Israeli occupation authority to bridle the settlers‘ criminal practices, which escalated recently mainly in stealing olive harvests, burning olive crops, seizing land, expelling farmers from their farms, and throwing stones at Palestinian cars.

Undercover police expel minors arrested at scene of alleged stone throwing

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– An undercover Israeli security unit assaulted and arrested a group of children at the scene of an alleged rock throwing incident and turned them in for questioning, locals reported.

The sources said despite being under 14 years of age, courts set NIS 2,000-3,000 bail bonds on a number of the children and they were placed on house arrest outside of their homes in Jerusalem’s Arab Silwan neighborhood.

Some of the children were sent to Al-Khalil and Shi’fat without regard for their scholastic obligations.

Commenting on the situation, one of the children’s guardians said Israeli police penalize children without consideration for their social or educational statuses, adding that Israel’s Jerusalem municipality does not provide cultural or recreational services to children in Silwan.

A parent of an underage arrestee said: What does the Israeli police expect from a child in Silwan when he sees how Israeli soldiers disrespect and insult his mother and spit on his father?

Undercover Israeli units have employed various methods to carry out arrests on minors. One boy Ahmed Hasouna, 13, was arrested by police pretending to harvest olives. He was then expelled to Al-Khalil where he has been serving house arrest.


Jewish settlers on the rampage in Salfit

SALFIT, (PIC)– Extremist Jewish settlers on Sunday attacked Palestinian citizens while harvesting their olive crops west of Salfit and tried to rob their harvest, local sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said that two Jewish settlers with firearms and wearing clothes of fanatic Jews tried to steal olive groves near Ein Adas area.

Jewish settlers had previously stolen olive harvests in the Yasuf and Masaha villages in Salfit while Palestinian farmers were blocked form reaping their yields.

Jewish settlers also assaulted Palestinian farmers and foreign solidarity activists in the Jordan Valley, locals reported, adding that the settlers insulted and threatened the farmers in an attempt to drive them away from their land.

Farmers appealed to human rights groups to swiftly pressure the Israeli occupation authority to curb the settlers‘ wild practices.


Netanyahu refuses to apologize to Turkey over flotilla massacre

Netanyahu refuses to apologize to Turkey over flotilla massacre
[ 03/07/2010 – 10:35 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– „Israel won’t apologize to Turkey over the Gaza aid flotilla clashes and the possibility of giving compensation to those injured in the incident is not up for discussion,“ Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday.

Netanyahu said during an interview with Israel’s Channel 1 that the Israeli soldiers were „forced to defend themselves“.

The Israeli soldiers used live ammunition against the unarmed Freedom Flotilla passengers killing nine of them and wounding dozens others.

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan and other senior Turkish officials were adamant on demanding an Israeli apology over what happened to be coupled with compensation for the victims and an international investigation into the incident that took place in international waters on May 31st.

Ankara summoned its ambassador from Tel Aviv following the massacre and called off three joint maneuvers with Israel in addition to canceling military arms deals worth billions of dollars.