Jewish settlers seize Palestinian home by force

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers seized the house of Palestinian citizen Fayez Al-Salayme in the Baqa’a village, east of Al-Khalil, by force and expelled him and his family out of it.

Local sources on Saturday said that the settlers beat up Salayme, who is carried to hospital for treatment.

The Israeli occupation forces, meanwhile, stormed three villages in Al-Khalil district and a refugee camp in the city.
Meanwhile, Jewish settlers in Salfit robbed shops owned by a Palestinian in Hares village, west of Salfit, local sources reported.
They said that the settlers broke the locks and robbed the shops on the main road of the village near the settlement of Ar’il.
Citizens appealed to human rights groups to pressure the Israeli occupation authority to bridle the settlers‘ criminal practices, which escalated recently mainly in stealing olive harvests, burning olive crops, seizing land, expelling farmers from their farms, and throwing stones at Palestinian cars.

Ramadan der Armen In Al-Khalil


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Kleines Kind VS israelische Soldaten: „Bidi Baba“ „Ich will Papa“


Als gestern ein Vater von israelischen Soldaten gewaltsam abgeführt wurde, lief sein kleiner Sohn diesem hinter her und versuchte an ihn heranzukommen. Dabei lief er in die Hände der israelischen Soldaten schreiend: ,,Bidi Baba, bidi Baba.“ (dt. Ich will Papa, ich will Papa.).  Nach langen Versuchen an seinen Vater zu kommen, lief er dem Wagen hinterher, der den Vater abführte. Das 4-jährige Kind namens Khaled musste zusehen wie auch andre Familienmitglieder gewaltsam von israelischen Soldaten abgeführt wurden. Dabei versuchten sie ihr Ackerland zu „verteidigen“, das von Israelis an dem Tag zerstört werden sollte.

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Radawn slams PA smear campaign against Sheikh Qaradawi in West Bank

GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan on Friday strongly denounced the smear campaign waged by mosque preachers affiliated with the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah against Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, affirming the West Bank people rejected this campaign and expressed their solidarity with the Sheikh.

“Our people in the West Bank proved they disown this scum who tried to discredit Sheikh Qaradawi and the resistance because any attempt to target the Sheikh is considered an attack against Jerusalem and the resistance,” Radwan underlined.

He added that this vicious and malicious attack by the PA against Sheikh Qaradawi coincided with Israel’s decision to put him on its hit list because of his positions in support of Jerusalem and the Palestinian resistance.

For his part, Dr. Abdelsattar Qassem, a professor of political science at the university of Al-Najah, deplored the PA and the Egyptian regime for verbally abusing Sheikh Qaradawi.

“When the wrongdoers commit sins against the nation, the families, spouses, daughters and children and slip into the trap of cooperation with the enemies of God, the nation and homeland, they find nothing but to curse themselves by insulting others and cannot escape the disgrace they brought upon themselves except through accusing others,” Dr. Qassem stressed in a press release.

In a separate incident, Mahmoud Abbas’s militias kidnapped Friday 15 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in the districts of Qalqiliya, Nablus, Al-Khalil, Tulkarem and Tubas and summoned many others because of their rejection to insult Qaradawi.