Fifty worshipers injured in the Aqsa Mosque

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Najeh Bkeirat, head of the department of manuscripts at the Aqsa Mosque, said that 700 occupation soldiers stormed the Mosque after the Friday prayers and injured 50 worshipers, 3 of them seriously.

He added that during the Friday prayers Israeli soldiers shut down the Mosque’s sound system from the control room and worshippers could not hear the Imam. After that the worshippers protested within the walls of Mosque’s plazas, at which point occupation police stormed the stormed the Mosque from the Magharba gate and clashed with the worshipers.

Some worshipers threw stones at the invading police to stop them entering the Mosque, then more worshipers joined to repel the attack, this was followed by occupation special forces storming the Mosque, the number of occupation police and soldiers reaching 700, according to Bkeirat.

He said that the soldiers used tear gas grenades and stun grenades and that worshippers trapped inside the mosque suffered suffocation and that if it were not for the worshipers being able to open the doors of the mosque there could have been more serious cases of suffocation.


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