Israel luring teenage students to join army

Mon, 11 Jan 2010 10:17:35 GMT
Israel has launched a new military recruitment program targeting high schools to encourage students to sign up for combat duty.

350 officers will visit some 270 high schools during the three-week program that kicked off on Monday.

The project, known as the „Path of Values,“ will bring approximately 8,000 teachers and senior officers together in the hope that they will arouse their students‘ interest in conscription, the Israeli Haaretz news website reported.

The project „is meant to strengthen the link and cooperation between schools and the army,“ according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education.

The plan, however, has drawn strong criticism from educational officials.

Critics of the new program say that it will distort the boundary between education and the military.

The new project comes amid Palestinian reports that Israel is preparing to launch a new offensive against the impoverished Gaza Strip.

In December, Israeli planes dropped thousands of leaflets across Gaza, warning Palestinians against cooperating with the Hamas resistance movement.

The leaflets also threatened Gazans with another attack.


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