Aqsa foundation: Jewish extremists build a miniature temple opposite al-Aqsa



A group of extremist Jewish settlers have built a miniature representing the alleged temple on the roof top of a new synagogue that was built opposite the Aqsa Mosque. The Aqsa Foundation for Endowments and Heritage (AFEH), said in a statement on Thursday that the newly built miniature lies a few meters from the Aqsa Mosque and al-Buraq wall from the western side and clearly overlooks the mosque. The organisation also warned that the new building is used as an attraction to visitors and to instil the concept of the temple which they claim should be built in place of the Aqsa Mosque. The Foundation also considered the move as a new step towards the building of the alleged third temple on the ruins of the Aqsa Mosque, pointing out a number of provocative acts taken by the „Zionist institution and its executive arms“ under various pretexts. The Foundation, a few months ago, revealed that Jewish groups installed a menorah, which is a seven-branched candelabrum, opposite the Aqsa Mosque. The said menorah is intended for use at the alleged temple when its built. The Foundation called on Palestinians to intensify their presence at the Aqsa Mosque and called for immediate Arab moves to rescue the Aqsa Mosque and the city of Jerusalem.