Bardawil: No reconciliation on the basis of recognizing the occupation

GAZA, (PIC)– Spokesman for Hamas parliamentary bloc Salah Al-Bardawil stressed Sunday that there can never be national reconciliation on the basis of recognizing the Israeli occupation, deploring Fatah faction for its insistence on that since the beginning of the inter-Palestinian dialog.

During a lecture he gave before members of the Palestinian security apparatuses in Khan Younis, lawmaker Bardawil underscored that the national unity cannot be achieved without maintaining the Palestinian constants and the resistance option.

The lawmaker reviewed in his speech the conspiracies plotted by Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage against the Movement of Hamas and his involvement in tightening the Israeli blockade on Gaza and obstructing the reconstruction efforts.

He also revealed that Abbas thwarted a French-brokered prisoner swap agreement that could have led to the release of all Palestinian prisoners specified by Hamas.

The lawmaker emphasized, in another context, that his Movement would not allow Fatah leaders in Gaza to participate in their movement’s sixth conference to be held in the West Bank, before the release of all political prisoners from the jails of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

A report issued by Hamas said that the PA militias in the West Bank carried out 214 different assaults and attacks on Hamas cadres and supporters and kidnapped 165 citizens during July.

The report noted that the kidnapping campaigns concentrated in the districts of Tulkarem, Jenin and Qalqiliya, adding that many political prisoners were severely tortured during the month, 13 of them were consequently transferred to hospitals.

In another context, Hamas in the West Bank deplored the persistent policy of dismissing civil servants from their jobs because of their political affiliation, saying that such outrageous behavior stems from sick minds and racist mentalities that cannot think beyond fulfilling Israel’s demands against the Palestinian resistance.

“The brothers who were fired from their jobs are new victims added to the list of thousands of victims of crime, injustice and aggression practiced by Abbas’s security apparatuses in the West Bank. This criminality will certainly end with divine or human revenge sooner or later,” Hamas highlighted in a press statement on Sunday.


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